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The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa

The Immortal Rules - Julie Kagawa


Review from the archives of my blog Oh, For the Love of Books!

o_O  Mind is blown with the pure awesomeness that is The Immortal Rules. It was such an emotional thrill ride! I don't even know what to say that won't sound like blubbering, rambling, incoherent mess! My mind isstill reeling! All I can think to say is GO BUY IT NOW (well, when it comes out)! I’ll buy it for you if I must just so you can read this pure awesomeness. Actually, scratch that. I have no money (its what being poor does to you), but if I did, I would totally buy everyone a copy!  




No Sparkley Vamps:


That’s right. No sparkles here! Just your class-A human blood-suckin, kick-butt, killing machines! And it’s amazing. This book made me terrified of vampires again!




Creepy atmosphere:


Kagawa did a fantastic job of world-building and creating such creepy and eerie atmosphere. I felt fully immersed in this world while reading. It was dark and gritty yet intoxicating. I was terrified and loved every moment.


4 books in 1:
This book is long, no doubt about it at a whopping 482 pages, but its divided into 4 different parts making it almost like reading 4 different books. Each has its own plot but they all flow together so smoothly and I loved every single one.
Allie is an utterly fantastic character. She's tough, rough and hardened, but not without heart. She's always hated vampires, but after being attacked while saving a friend she ends up being saved by a vampire and given the choice to die or become like him. She always did whatever she could to survive, even if it meant become the very thing she hated. Now she's your regular blood-sucking, katana wielding (you read right), kick-butt killing machine. But don't hate on her just because she's a vampire. She may not be human, but she's bound and determined to not lose who she once was and that takes heart. Its hard on her, extremely hard, but although she may be considered a monster, she still has a choice, and that choice is to remain good. To not let herself become the monster everyone thinks she is. Is it easy? No. But is she going to do whatever she can to remain true to herself? Yes. And that, my friends, is something to be respected.
Awww Kanan, your so cool! He teaches her to weild weapons! XD I’d definitely love to have him as my vampire teacher. Sure, he’s more of a tough love kind of guy, but you can tell he really care’s about Allie. He was mysterious and aloof, but really wanted to help her. I don't want to give to much away but I  can’t wait to learn more about his story! Its heartbreaking! I really believe he's a great guy, you just gotta dig around to find it. 
This is the guy you want in real life. The sweet, caring guy that has such an incredibly good heart. But don’t think that he’s a wimp. No way. He may have a good heart, but he’s tough and protective too. A guy that’s incredibly sweet but also knows how to protect a girl? A perfect combination of sensitive guy and a man's man . Seriously, I fell in love with him. He was also so real. Unlike a lot of fictional boys, he’snot perfect, but I loved that about him. He had his faults and weaknesses, but he knew what they were and worked through them anyways.
She’s a katana wielding vampire. How freaking cool is that?!
Don’t worry, there’s still hope:
Perhaps one of the best things about a dark and gritty book is when their is always that little spark of hope. Even in the darkest of times, there's always that little light of hope and faith that your going to be alright. This book is dark and these characters are put in some awful situations butthey keep going. No matter how bad things get, even if they sometimes doubt themselves, they have faith that things will get better. This is especially true when it comes to Zeke, something I absolutely loved about him. He went through unimaginable stuff, yet he never lost faith in something better. 
There was one thing I was kind of iffy about. The religion. Its nothing specific, but being religious myself, I kinda hate when they make religion bad. Of course there are....fanatics...out there, but not every religious person is. However, in this book it wasn't bad because A) it wasn't in your face (like some other books I've read before) and B) it showed both sides and didn't make the bad side ridiculously crazy. I actually let this part go to the back of my head because it didn't exactly make religion a bad thing, but I just wanted to warn you readers that it is in here. 
This book was utterly fantastic. I loved the dark, gritty nature of the book and loved that, even in the darkest times, there was always hope. It was actually quite a beautiful story. It had fantastic characters and plot arcs and I know that Kagawa definitely has a fan for life when it comes to this series.

All the best ♥
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